Morten Fog Photography

There was 366 day's in the year 2016. On my Instagram page, I challenge myself and uploaded at least one picture from my life, every day, all year. #mortenfog366 ...Or scroll down to view my website

Nature 2017
Fanø Vesterland 2017 (video)
Blue passion (video)
Venskaber og jeans (video)
Faces of Tønder Festival 2016 bor det inde i mig (video)
Resent Reflections
Four Bulbs (video)
Whores and Theives - Press
Fanø Rocker / Vesterland 2016 (video)
Tønder Festival 2015 - Backstage
Martine F
JBS in Las Vegas
Singer songwriter Christian Bonde
Michael Falch
Kira Skov
Billy Cross & Aske Jacoby
Denim test
Diffrent kinds of living
Underwear BW
Photo graphic
VideoTrip to Vegas (video)
Grass in the wind (video)
Magic snow (video)
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